Developed in partnership with Centre of the Cell and the National Centre for Bowel Research and Surgical Innovation (NCBRSI), this game aims to tackle the stigma associated with poo and bowel health.

Players are challenged to guide their poo vehicle through the bowel track in a healthy time while collecting bacteria points and avoiding obstacles. Using the collected bacteria points, players can buy food during the pitstops, to slow down or speed up their vehicle.

This game can be played as an interactive installation at Centre of the Cell, using a rotary interface to steer the poo racer.

The game is also available as an Android app from the Google Play store.


  • Science game


  • Design
  • Programming


  • Unity
  • C#


  • Queen Mary University of London
Poo Racer vehicle selection screen on iPad

To start off with, players need to select either the “Sludge Racer” or “The Boulder”. By making clever pit stop choices these vehicles can later be upgraded to the “Superpoo”.

Poo Racer track selection screen on iPad

Then players can choose between a normal (healthy) bowel track or the more challenging collision course.

Poo Racer race screen on iPad

During the race players can pick up good bacteria points.

Poo Racer pitstop screen on iPad

They can use the bacteria points to refuel at the pit stops. Depending on the selected “fuel”, the vehicle becomes faster or slower.

Poo Racer exit tunnel on iPad

On the finishing straight, players need to get to the “sphincter gate” on time, avoiding the poo obstacles.  

Poo Racer in the Centre of the Cell Pod

Poo Racer in the Centre of the Cell pod

Photo © Centre of the Cell

Poo Racer pitstop in the Centre of the Cell Pod

Photo © Centre of the Cell

Mobile app gameplay video

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